Monday, February 1, 2010

Press release; Colin Upton Comics

Posted on behalf of Donna Barr (, who is a really big fan of of Colin's work:

Press Release - January 31st, 2010

After years of floundering in the shadows in a desperate move to reach some sort of audience Colin Upton Comics is going online. In what Colin is calling his “page a day” project he is posting a page from his extensive backlog of mini-comic art every day until he runs out… considering Colin has produced over a thousand pages of mini-comic art alone and is still putting out new mini-comics this will keep him going for awhile yet. Most of the comics are 8-16 pages. So far Colin has put up the “F-word” trilogy, next will be the series “Diabetes Funnies” and later “Self-Indulgent Comics” which starts way back in 1985. So far Colin is posting on his Live Journal & Facebook and the Colin Upton Comics Facebook Fan page created, he plans to put the comics as they come out on his web site… which will happen as soon as a “technically challenged” Colin figures out how… the web site need a major overhaul.

Print versions of Colin Upton Comics may still be purchased from Colin, including several collections that are a real deal!

Vancouverite Colin Upton ha been doing comics for 25 years, starting with Newave mini-comics in the 1980’s, Indie comics in the 1990’s and back to mini-comics in the new century. A lack of interest on the part of publishers, readers and editors has not extinguished his passion for the comics art form or the need to express himself long after sensible people would have walked away. He now enjoys a dubious distinction of being a senior statesman of the Vancouver comics scene. On the way he has drawn comic books, comic strips, editorial and advertising cartoons, web comics, cartoons for a play, a series of films and for art gallery walls. Colin has been a performance artist, Lowbrow artist, drummer, radio broadcaster, lecturer, interviewer, reviewer, wargamer, miniaturist, flanuer, animist/iconoclast, illustrator and in one occasion a historical expert.

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